Friday, January 04, 2013

Sunset Peak - Wichita Mountains

On January 2nd, I hiked a couple of miles west-southwest from the Sunset Picnic Area and reached the base of Sunset Peak in about an hour.  I then ascended a gully, and reached a sub-peak, which required some class 3-4 climbing.  I tried to downclimb this peak on the other side in which I ascended, but soon got cliffed out.  So I reversed my route, and made it down via a couple of rock slabs.  I then hiked northwest and obtained the primary peak which makes up the Sunset Peak massif.  After taking a break and enjoying the view of the Charon's Garden Wilderness to my south-southeast, and the flat plains to my west, I spotted a prominent rocky peak off to my south.  I hiked in that direction, ascended a gully, and was soon on top of the southern most peak of the massif.  After another quick break, I hiked back to the trailhead, and drove back to Norman.