Friday, October 21, 2016

Grandchild Peaks - Juneau, AK

Grandchild Peaks, possibly the last I'll summit in Juneau, was tackled by David Levin and myself during early October.  The ascent is unrelenting...around 3000-4000 feet over a horizontal distance of ~3 miles.  But the mountain scenery above treeline is unrivaled anywhere else in Juneau...absolutely stunning.  We weren't quite able to look past/across the granite spires blocking our view of the Juneau Ice Field, but we did catch some amazing scenes of hanging glaciers clinging to the side of Mount Stroller White.  Oh, and I definitely have to give thanks to David Ogilbee, who lent his mountain bike for the two mile distance separating the parking area and trailhead.  Enjoy the iPhone pics.

My friend and coworker David Levin.
David at the summit.
Time saving mountain bikes.