Monday, March 23, 2015

Sheep Creek Trail - Juneau, AK

Hiked the Sheep Creek Trail located a few miles south of Juneau, AK during mid March.  Perfect weather, buoyant clouds, scattered light snow showers, and no wind.  The beginning of the trail starts out steep, then transitions to a mountain valley flat section, followed by a very steep ascent that leads to tree line.  Mud was thick during the first two thirds of the hike, but snow around 3 feet deep was encountered during the last third.  Once tree line was reached, snow loaded avalanche slopes loomed above.  Thus, decided to defer the final ascent up to Sheep Mountain to summer when avy danger will no longer be an issue.

Sheep Creek
Power lines that span the top of a large ridge.  Apparently this is a source of electricity for Juneau.
View above treeline, with powerlines continuing their ascent up over the ridge.