Saturday, May 14, 2011

A day in Charons Garden Wilderness

My girlfriend Elizabeth, her daughter Calee, my mom Sarah, and myself spent a day in Charons Garden Wilderness, which is part of the Wichita Mountains located in southwestern Oklahoma. We quickly found a trail that led to an outcropping of rock, and had fun scrambling to the top. After a brief hike, we ascended the top of a ridge which eventually hooked up with a small peak to our west. While topping the ridge, we found a boulder laying on top of another, which required crawling beneath...everyone managed to squeeze through. The rest of the trip was basically a long hike to the top of the mountain. After climbing a few boulders at the top, we made the trip back down to the car and called it a day. This part of the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is quickly becoming my favorite...the rock climbing opportunities seem to be unlimited, and the lack of crowds gives the area a true feeling of wilderness.

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