Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Chasm Lake

Nancy Midden and myself set out from the East Longs Peak trailhead at around 1 am on Sunday September 2nd, intending to summit Longs Peak via the Loft Route.  However, once we reached Chasm Junction, strong winds convinced us to go for the summit using the Keyhole Route.  So, we hiked around Mt Lady Washington, and reached the Boulder Field by 4am.  The winds were stronger in the Boulder Field, and would certainly be more intense beyond the Keyhole.  And since our clothing didn't match the weather conditions (particularly Nancy's gloves), we gave up our summit attempt, hiked back to Chasm Junction, and decided to veer west to Chasm Lake.  Though we were disappointed that we didn't get to summit, exploring the granite slabs beneath the east face of Longs, as well as taking some amazing pictures, was nothing to complain about.

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