Thursday, May 28, 2015

Red River Low Precipitation Supercell

Wes Adkins and myself targeted northwest Texas on May 26th.  We parked beneath a towering cumulus southwest of Archer City during the early afternoon.  This developing cell was embedded in a cumulus deck that was slightly stratified, therefore we decided to depart for an area of stronger boundary layer destabilization near the Red River west of Wichita Falls.  This area featured a dryline outflow boundary intersection, and appeared to be a prime location for robust supercell development.  A supercell did develop, but appeared to ingest lower theta-e air from the cool side of the outflow boundary, and never managed to develop into a tornadic threat.  We parked south of the cell and watched it go through a typical LP progression, from a strongly rotating upright updraft, to a severely tilted and contracting updraft as it dissipated.

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