Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mount Jumbo - Juneau, AK

Rain-free weather during mid June inspired me to attempt Mount Jumbo, which was one of the few easy access mountains that I had yet to attempt in Juneau.  The first quarter of the trail consisted of easy forest hiking followed by wooden planks that pass across an area of meadow.  After the meadow, the trail gets steep as it ascends up forested sections of class 2 roots.  Tree line is then approached, and the views open up to downtown Juneau, as well as the impressive northeast face of Mount Jumbo.  Soon, multiple sections of class 3 rock slabs have to be tackled.  These give way to the final quarter to half mile of alpine hiking, which includes a false summit followed by the true summit of Jumbo.  The hike is the best in Juneau, in my opinion, due to the combination of great scenery, the alpine setting near the summit, and interesting scrambling.

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