Friday, October 27, 2017

Toroweap Grand Canyon Adventure with Dreamland Safari Tours

During late September I booked a 24 hour trip to a magical section of the Grand Canyon called Toroweap through a company called Dreamland Safari Tours, who are based out of Kanab, Utah.  The trip started at the Dreamland headquarters, where a group of 9, myself included, departed on a 60+ mile journey across the scrubland of northern Arizona. The ride was deceptively smooth until the last few miles, at which point high clearance 4x4 capabilities became a necessity.  My group of mainly photographers headed to the canyon rim for sunset shots while the Dreamland guides set up camp.  After photographing the glowing canyon walls through sunset, the group returned to camp and enjoyed a steak dinner completely prepared by our guides. After dinner, we lingered beneath the stars, and then retired to individual tents.  We awoke the next morning for sunrise photography, followed by a 5-star breakfast. We then headed back to Kanab, and I was in my car heading toward Zion 24 hours after beginning my Grand Canyon adventure.  I don't normally post advertisements to this blog, but if you are looking for a unique wilderness experience along the rim of the Grand Canyon, I highly recommend investigating Dreamland Safari Tours and their 24-hour Toroweap package.

American flag at the Toroweap ranger station.
The road leading to Toroweap.
Toroweap sunset photography spot.
This is the crack in the rock that I should have photographed during sunrise photography.
Dreamland Safari Tours guide and manager Will James.
The western edge of the Colorado Plateau is located at the side canyon positioned in the center-left portion of this picture.
Photographer and vloger making sunset photography.
Sunrise over the Grand Canyon.
The path to Zion Canyon Overlook.
Zion Canyon Overlook.
Kanarraville Falls - Kanarraville, Utah.

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