Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mount Evans

After failing to reach the top of Mount Evans the day before, I returned to bag the peak on June 13th. I had to be in Colorado Springs later in the afternoon, so I took the easy route up by parking at Summit Lake, walking about 0.5 miles southeast, and then turning up the steep eastern slope. It was a fairly uneventful hike, though the trail upwards was difficult to locate initially, so I had to find my own route across talus and snow fields. After about an hour or so of intense exhertion, I reached the top. Similar to Mount Spalding, the view was outstanding, with Longs Peak off to the north, and Pikes Peak observed to the south. I also met a nice group of people, a couple, and the wifes parents visiting from Denmark. After chatting with these folks for 20 minutes, I snapped a few more pictures and then started the descent, which was a pretty quick ordeal as I glissaded for about 500' on the intermittently spaced snow fields.

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