Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mount Spalding

Set out on June 12th for Mount Evans with my mom, sister, and my sisters friend Christina. We decided to take the Evans Loup, which starts at Summit Lake (elevation 12,830 feet). This was a fun trail, which included scrambling up class 3 ledges, and post holing up snow covered slopes. After a few hours of hiking, we reached the summit of Mount Spalding (elevation 13,842 feet). The view from the top was of course outstanding as we gazed south, west, and northward at the many snowcovered ranges in central Colorado. We then set off to complete the loup which tops out on Mount Evans. We glissaded down the southern slope of Spalding and then reached the saddle between Evans and Spalding. Unfortunately, the weather made a turn for the worse, with 50+ mph winds developing and ominous bubbly looking midafternoon cumulus forming overhead. We gave up Evans due to the weather, and retraced our steps back to Summit Lake. It was a fun hike despite not achieving our goal...and plans were immediately made to finish off Mount Evans during the next day.

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