Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gastineau Peak and Mount Roberts - Juneau, AK

After four failed attempts to summit Mount Roberts during the winter, I finally found success during the summer on June 18th.  Won't go over the boring details of ascending up past the tram station and then a broad ridge leading to the Roberts summit plateau.  Instead, the highlight of this experience was the knife edge ridge that was covered in cornices leading up to Gastineau Peak.  The exposure was exhilarating at times, but not frightful.  The only concern I had was breaking through the corniced ridge...I delicately worked my way past these areas without incident.  I was greeted to partially clearing skies as I arrived at the always the views can't be beat.  I then retraced my steps along the ridge, and then hiked over to the highest point of Mount Roberts.  After doing the knife edge ridge, the summit experience on Roberts was anticlimactic to say the least, given this mountain is pretty featureless with little fear factor.

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