Sunday, July 30, 2017

Lassen Volcanic National Park

I ascended from the Lassen Peak parking lot to the volcanic crater rim during the early morning of July 29th.  At 2 am, the view from the top mainly consisted of distant city lights emanating from Redding, CA. I took some marginally interesting star photography while awaiting for sunrise.  By 5 am, the mountain and surrounding scenery were becoming illuminated in dawn light, and by 6 am, warm reddish-pink sunlight bathed the region in smokey hues.  I obtained some decent photography during the morning golden hour, the best of which you can view here.  Regarding the hike, it took me 2 hours to gradually ascend to the crater rim.  The trail is very well maintained, and there were only a few semi-sketchy snow sections that probably would have yielded nothing more than a long slide down the mountain.  Lassen Peak is a definite must-do for those seeking an adventurous hike in northern California.

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